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Oğlum ‘Kaplumbağa watermelon’ı nibble ediyor!’ diye konuşsun istemedim!


Turkish matriarchs fight for the mother tongue

When Esra Kırkavak moved to the United Kingdom, she began fretting that her son would soon lose his Turkish language skills.

Indeed, by age three, he was speaking a language that was a mix of mostly English with some Turkish. Kırkavak, a former journalist, soon found that many other Turkish migrants in her social circle were facing the same challenge; how to raise expat children who remembered where they came from.


Fiyu kanatlarını açtı, göğe yükseliyor.

Turkish British Mag

Z Raporu Ekonomi Dergisi Röportajı - Mehmet Ali Doğan ile Fark Yaratan Hikayeler.

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